About Us

The inconvenience of working out and stretching is much harder than the actual session its self. So much motivation is used upon making time for the gym, getting dressed, waiting for machines, getting ready for work and leaving the gym that you use an hour and a half just getting there and back. 

Now with my live video training sessions just pull out your laptop or smartphone and there we are live and good to go!

I created this live video training program so that | could train my clients even when | was out of the country. | love getting results for my clients and so | hated taking breaks. It did the same for my clients they didn't have to lose ground on their vacations or during the holidays.

In fact, it was so much easier for them that even on busy work weeks, they could do there session as soon as
they woke up or got back home, or even on their lunch breaks. There was now a Trainer in their smartphones and laptops. It got much easier and their results took off.

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